Dear Constituents,

In this season of thanks, I want to thank you for putting your trust in me to serve as your voice and advocate at the Ohio Statehouse. For nearly four years, I have been fortunate to serve citizens like you – working people who care about strong families, good schools and vibrant local communities.

As we prepare to start a new year and new legislative session at the Statehouse, I want you to know some of the issues we’ll likely take up in the Ohio House during the next 30-some days so you can bring me your concerns, ideas and questions.

The Republican majority has indicated* the legislature will consider changes to:

  • Our unemployment insurance safety net for out-of-work Ohioans.
  • The state’s freeze on renewable and advanced energy standards.

Though these matters will generate much debate in committees, on the House floor, and in the news media, I am hopeful we can turn our attention to other important issues before the legislature breaks until the new year such as:

  • Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) reform that is prudent and necessary.
  • Economic Incentive Program to retain and attract jobs in healthcare technology.

The final weeks of House session also bring an opportunity to hold failing, online charter schools to standards that guard against waste, fraud and abuse of your mon­ey. A state audit of attendance data at Ohio’s largest online charter school, ECOT, revealed the online charter could be defrauding the state and taxpayers by some $60 million during the last year alone by over reporting enrollment by 143 percent.** I believe we should put commonsense laws in place that don’t let individuals profit off of your tax dollars by lying, cheating or rigging the rules.

I wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving for we do have much for which to be grateful. Please know that I look forward to hearing about the issues that come up at your dinner table as together we seek to build an Ohio that offers opportunity for all.



November Newsletter