Dear Constituents,

Jan. 3, 2017 marked the opening of the 132nd General Assembly, with all the pomp and pageantry that accompanies the official swearing-in of members in the Ohio House of Representatives. It is truly an honor to represent you, and I look forward in the weeks and months ahead to working on legislation that strengthens our state and improves your quality of life. From my perspective, the top three challenges for this General Assembly are:

  1. creating new jobs;
  2. providing quality education; and
  3. protecting water quality while promoting infrastructure development.

To that end, I will be introducing legislation to address each of these core issues over the next two years because:

  • I believe that in the 99th District alone, we possess the inherent ability to develop new jobs in agritech and biotech — layered upon our existing positions in those fields — which are so vital to our nation’s economy and our collective well-being;
  • I believe that with adequate and equitable education funding, we can once more provide a cornucopia of choices for our students — from Vo-Ag and FFA to mechanical drawing, consumer science, and other elective courses — to stimulate the minds of our youth and to give them hope for our future;
  • I believe that we must protect our lakes and rivers from not only algal blooms, but municipal sewer and septic wastes, all the while safeguarding against other potential sources of contamination — and yet encourage economic development.

Though these challenges may be daunting, you did not elect me to shrink in the face of difficulty. As your representative, I stand ready to promote and pursue legislation that seeks to move our district and our state forward with all, by all, and for all. I am proud to serve you. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments about any state matter that concerns you or your family.



March Newsletter