COLUMBUS — State Representatives John Patterson (D-Jefferson) and John Becker (R-Union Township) recently introduced House Bill (HB) 421, legislation allowing motor vehicle owners to indicate on a vehicle’s title whether it is a replica vehicle.

“Under current law, there is no way to indicate on a vehicle’s title that it is a replica,” Rep. Patterson said. “Hot rod enthusiasts should have the ability to prove that their vehicle is a true vintage car, not a replica using modern parts. Current law creates confusion, especially for law enforcement. We want to be sure that the official documentation for the vehicle is as accurate as possible.”

“I am grateful that Representative Patterson invited me to be a joint sponsor on HB 421,” Rep. Becker said. “As a classic car fan, I am excited that this bipartisan legislation will enable owners like myself to clarify their vehicle’s manufacturing information. If someone builds their vehicle from scratch or from a kit, that car currently has a title with a generic name and the manufacturing date. Our bill will allow the owner to request additional notation on the title (existing language will remain) by clarifying that the titled vehicle is a replica.”

HB 421 was referred to the House Transportation and Public Safety Committee and awaits its first hearing.

Legislators introduce bipartisan legislation to create replica vehicle titles