HB189 will take effect immediately increasing Ohio amusement ride safety, inspection standards

State Reps. John Patterson (D-Jefferson) and Louis Blessing (R-Colerain Township) today applauded the House passage of House Bill (HB) 189 titled “Tyler’s Law”, legislation that increases Ohio amusement ride safety and inspection standards, qualifications of inspectors and responsibilities of ride owners.

“July 26, 2017, was a day of sorrow for all who knew and loved Tyler Jarrell. On this day, a young life was cut short, a family left to grieve, an indelible image forever burned into the memories of those present,” Patterson said. “But out of this tragedy came purpose, a sense of hope, and a spirit of determination in those Tyler left behind. I’m honored and blessed to have spent so much time with Tyler’s family, learning of his legacy as we worked to ensure another preventable tragedy like this never happens again.”

HB 189 is named after Tyler Jarrell, who lost his life in the horrific Fire Ball ride accident at the Ohio State Fair two years ago. Seven other individuals were injured, including another 18-year-old woman who passed away last year due to injuries related to the accident.

“Though it saddens us all that tragedy ultimately drove this legislation, we can take comfort that with the passage of this legislation, other families may be spared the grief of losing a loved one from an amusement ride breakdown,” said Blessing. “Furthermore, Ohioans can rest assured that amusement rides in this state will have gone through more rigorous inspections and that all they should have to worry about is having fun.”

HB 189 increases communication among state inspectors, ride manufacturers, ride owners and the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) to better assess amusement ride inspections and repairs, including:

  • An enhanced classification system to identify rides that may need a more comprehensive or internal inspection.
  • Requiring safety and maintenance communications from the ride manufacturer to be forwarded to ODA.
  • Tracking previous locations of temporary amusement rides prior to their operation in Ohio.
  • Requiring photographic documentation of major repairs before and after they are completed.

Tyler’s Law also increases the certification standards for inspectors and adds a Professional Engineer as a non-voting member to the ODA Advisory Council on Amusement Ride Safety.

The bill now heads to the Senate for further consideration. HB 189 includes an emergency clause, which would make it effective immediately after it is signed into law.

Reps. Patterson, Blessing Applaud House Passage Of “Tyler’s Law” Two Years After Fatal Fire Ball Accident