Creating Jobs

Our 99th district is blessed with natural resources: water, oil and gas reserves, and agricultural land. We must carefully balance conservation and preservation of resources with thoughtful and futuristic development of those resources.

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Our policymakers must understand the significance of public education. They must also understand the cost of public education. And they must also understand the dire necessity of addressing this issue immediately.

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Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has been the subject of much interest as evidenced by the various articles in the Star Beacon and recent statements by the governor and attorney general. Certainly, our society encourages venture capitalism and innovation (which have resulted in prosperity), but we must pursue this course in balance with responsible environmental stewardship and consumer protectionism.

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State Funding

The Ohio legislature must restore funding to counties, townships, municipalities, and schools. These entities, vital as they are to all Ohioans, are reeling from cuts imposed upon them by governor Kasich, the majority party in the state legislature, and our current state representative.

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A New Vision

At one time, our 99th district was once a prosperous place to work, call home, and raise a family. We were confident in our future. This belief was evident in the numerous stores, businesses, and factories in Ashtabula and Geneva. It was evident from the busy docks of Conneaut to the many prosperous farms in Geauga County. It was readily apparent in the can-do spirit we once possessed.

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