At one time, the 99th Ohio House district was a thriving place to work, live and raise a family.

At one time, those who lived in the 99th were confident in their future.

This is evidenced by our history — from the numerous stores, businesses, and factories in Ashtabula and Geneva that provided salaries, tax bases, and benefits. This prosperity allowed citizens to climb the economic ladder and created safe communities and exceptional public schools. This prosperity exuded from the docks of Conneaut and Ashtabula to the fertile farms of Geauga County. And, it was readily apparent in the “can-do” spirit our parents and grandparents possessed.

Now, due to our depressed economy it has become a challenge for many to see the opportunities that lay ahead of us. But we cannot remain where we are. We must move toward the future and embrace the gift we have been given. We must restore our image.

The 99th affords us close proximity to work and to world-class health facilities; we possess excellent schools and centers of higher education; we cherish our recreational opportunities. In sum, we enjoy a great quality of life. Yet still challenges exist.

Our new vision requires us to work together toward a common goal. Our new vision requires us to accept change and progress at the same time. And our new vision requires us to see challenges as opportunities instead of obstacles.

Join me in creating a new vision for the new 99th.