John’s Actions in the 130th General Assembly:

House Bill 17
John is a co-sponsor of this bill. The Local Government Fund supports police, fire, road and bridge maintenance and other needs of counties, townships and other local municipalities. In 2011, the Kasich administration cut this fund by approximately 50% to help balance the state budget. HB 17 restores the fund to 2005 levels — prior to the Kasich cuts and other reductions — using money from Ohio’s nearly $1.5 billion rainy day fund.

The Ohio legislature must restore funding to counties, townships, municipalities and schools. These entities, vital as they are to all Ohioans, are reeling from cuts imposed upon them by governor Kasich, the majority party in the state legislature and our current state representative.

Certainly our state government must live within its means. Countless public employees — police officers, fire fighters, nurses and teachers — agreed to concessions to shrink the deficit. But the governor and many of his supporters did not.

There is, however, a limit to sacrifice. Our safety forces are stretched thin, our health care providers are understaffed and our public schools are struggling to survive.

We must solve the dilemma of funding necessary public services with limited financial resources. And I pledge to lead the fight for the restoration of funding coupled with the responsibility of balancing the state budget. I urge you to help me in this quest.

Join me in creating a new vision for the new 99th.